FAQ - Adoption Process

1. How does the adoption process work?

2. Why is the application so long?

3. What is involved in a home visit?

4. What does the contract say?

5. How much is the adoption fee?

6. Will my rescue dog bond with me?

FAQ - Breed Specific

1. How does the history of the breed play a part in modern specimens regarding structure and function?

2. Regarding personality--As a hound with keen sight and scent, has the breed stayed true to its origins or has it evolved?

3. Other breeds used to develop the Rhodesian Ridgeback?

4. What are the variations in coat color and nose color?

5. How is the RR both typical and atypical of its hound heritage?

6. How intelligent are Ridgebacks?

7. Are they independent?

8. How are Ridgebacks with children and other pets?

9. What about fencing?

10. What kind of mischief might they get into?

11. What is the ideal home and environment for a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

12. Do they have a pack mentality?

13. How much attention do they need?

14. What about versatility?

15. What are the grooming and hygiene requirements?

16. Any special considerations as far as training?

17. Any special considerations as far as nutrition?

18. How about exercise?

19. What are the important health concerns for the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed?


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